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How Are IT Leader Prize Winners Selected?

Stage 1: Compilation of the Nominee List

The key objective of the first stage is to compile a list of enterprises and organizations that have implemented the most socially important information technology projects in Russia. Only candidates that announce their progress in information technology implementations are eligible for nomination. Special attention is focused on candidates that have dramatically increased their productivity through the use of IT, stimulated the progress of the Russian nation at large, and contributed to Russias becoming a global IT leader.

Key qualification requirements:

1. Dramatic increase in the organization's efficiency

2. Extensive media coverage of the implemented projects

3. Application of the best IT practices

4. Positive social impact of the nominee's activities (the influence on Russian society at large and the contribution towards Russias becoming a global IT leader)

At the first stage, the IT Leader Prize Organizing Committee, jointly with the Expert Council Chairman, compiles the draft nominee list in line with categories and criteria approved by the Organizing Committee.

Criteria for IT Leader Prize Nominees Evaluation

IT infrastructure and IT projects implemented by the nominees during the previous year shall be evaluated by the following criteria:

1. Level of the organization's IT maturity

2. Increase in the organization's business efficiency

3. Media coverage of the IT project implementation experience

4. Scale (including geography) of IT projects

5. Social and economic importance of IT projects

6. Innovative nature and complexity of IT solutions

7. CIO's/IT Director's influence within the IT community

8. Ability to improve business viability utilizing IT

Stage 2: Voting

Winners are selected by online expert and popular voting.

Voting procedure

Voting lasts 3.5 weeks.

A voter fills in the voting form specifying his/her name and surname, on the webpage with the list of nominees. The voter may vote for one nominee in each category. Finally, the voter should fill in the email box and complete voting by submitting the form. The voting results take into account votes by unique users only (one-time voting is available).

The Expert Council votes in the same manner and time. Nominees who receive the Expert Council members' votes are marked as selected by the Expert Council.

Stage 3: Summary of results

The IT Leader Prize is awarded to the nominees with maximum number of unique user votes. In case of equally divided votes, the Organizing Committee and Expert Council Chairman make a special decision.