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The Annual National IT Leader Prize was established in 2002 by CROC incorporated, Intelligent Enterprise Magazine, and the RosBusinessConsulting Group. Today the Prize Organizing Committee also includes the Russian Managers Association and Itogi and CIO Magazines.

IT Leader Goals and Objectives

  • Draw attention to organizations and individuals who exert a powerful influence on the development of information technology in Russia
  • Stimulate and encourage innovative trends in progressive segments of the Russian economy
  • Encourage the integration of innovative and economic Russian achievements into the global economy

IT Leader includes the following events

  • IT Leader Prize Award Ceremony

The IT Leader Prize Expert Council annually awards prizes to companies involved in the most prominent IT implementation projects of the previous year. The Prize is awarded in 22 nomination categories. Key selection criteria for IT Leader Prize winners include organization innovativeness, outstanding CIO IT achievement, and unique personal and professional characteristics. The Expert Council evaluates the personal contribution of a CIO to the development of his/her company, industry, the country at large, and Russia's integration into the global community.

  • IT Leader Forum

The IT Leader Forum is a major event for Russia's CIO society. Each year, it brings together more than 200 Russian and international CIOs, analysts, and business strategists to discuss vital IT issues and share expertise regarding the implementation of IT solutions that maximize business value. The Forum includes a Plenary Session followed by industry-specific roundtables highlighting the best ways to address business issues using IT.

Participants of the IT Leader Forum have the opportunity to exchange opinions with representatives of leading global IT vendors, discuss business approaches with industry peers, and establish new business contacts. International IT experts participate actively in the IT Leader Forum. In the preceding years, presentations were given by Steve Wozniak, Apple co-founder; Thomas Frey, Executive Director and Senior Futurist at the DaVinci Institute; Kjell Nordström and Jonas Ridderstråle, famous professors at the Stockholm School of Economics, who rank among the top five most popular business gurus of today and are authors of the bestseller Funky Business; and Josep Curto, CEO at Delfos Research and professor at IE Business School Madrid.